SAFE AND SOUND / by Micaela

Hurricane Sandy has most certainly made it's mark on New York.  We are extremely lucky that our neighborhood remained largely unscathed.

I thought so much about how much more stressful and frightening this sort of thing is when you have a medically fragile or special needs child.  All the people and equipment that help to keep them (and you) stable is suddenly in jeopardy.  I remember this from hurricane Irene last year.

Several hospitals in NYC lost power and dozens of NICU babies and others had to be transported to other hospitals.  While we were all hunkered down in our houses drinking tea and listening to the wind doctors, nurses, and first responders were all out there putting themselves at extraordinary risk with the likelihood that they may not make it home to their own loved ones for days.

I feel so lucky that we live in a place where infrastructure is in place to allow people to care for one another when they are most in need.  I feel so lucky that so many people are brave and diligent enough to make these risky tasks their jobs. THANK YOU!