ENTER SANDY / by Micaela

The most daunting prospect, by far, of Hurricane Sandy was how to keep Roan from going bonkers with cabin fever.  He needs to be run like a racehorse, so regardless of weather we are usually outside with Roan for 3-5 hours a day.  Roan and I took Gracie on a quick walk Monday morning but we scampered home when we heard the tree branches cracking overhead. Outdoors was definitely out, so I armed myself with indoor projects galore. 

First, we moved all the furniture aside and did some painting.

Our neighbor Claire was a life saver.  She came down and kept him entertained for hours. They created a little art gallery.

To wash off all the paint we gave Roan a bath.  I had a bunch of glowsticks from another project that we threw in the tub and admired in the dark.  Trippy!

Roan is in there somewhere

None of this, however, was really burning off Roan's considerable steam so we employed a favorite game from the Coop School: FREEZE DANCE!

Freeze Dance is awesome and Roan loves it, although he's definitely better at the dancing than the freezing.

We managed to wear him out enough for a nap.  Amazing!  So we decided to make marshmallows.  Messy, but fun.