WILD THINGS / by Micaela

I know it's not even Halloween yet, but as Hurricane Sandy bears down on us here in NYC it looks like Wednesday's tick or treating is in jeopardy.  Therefore, I thought I might as well do the costume reveal early.  And... let everyone know that Roan and Gracie won FIRST PRIZE at the Annual Fort Greene Pupkin Halloween Dog Costume Contest!!!!!!  They were an ensemble of characters from the beloved Maurice Sendak book Where the Wild Things Are.

 I have tortured Gracie into ridiculous costumes many times before but she's never been top banana.  Roan has also been a surprisingly good sport about wearing his costume.  Costume day at the Coop School was Friday (cute overload, btw) and they had a talent show with all the kids in their finery.  I told his teachers I would pay anyone $50 who could get him to wear his hat, that's how sure I was that he wouldn't wear it.  To my shock he actually wore it the whole time.

At the Pupkin Roan was acting exactly in character, causing "mischief of one kind and another".  I was so desperate to get him to sit in the boat with his hat on that I actually resorted to giving him a piece of candy (wrapped) that he found on the ground just to placate him.  I hope this isn't the first step into a life out of Toddlers and Tiaras.  

Gracie didn't love wearing the costume (it was almost 70º here) but she seemed to enjoy all the attention and, of course, the free treats.