I've been threatening to crash my cousin Sarah's place in the country for years.  A place to escape the city periodically is essential to one's sanity and is something Sam and I routinely crave. We finally managed to invite ourselves up a couple of weeks ago.  

Sarah's house is north and west of the city, right near the Deleware Water Gap and just across from Pennsylvania. It's supposedly about 2 1/2 hours from Brooklyn but for us with Roan about a 4 hour drive. How does one quick lunch break and and several emergency pee breaks compute to an extra hour and a half?  I just don't get it.

Once we got there, however, all was glorious.  We were greeted by Gunnar, a very enthusiastic and noisy pit bull who seems unaware of how intimidating he comes across when he's really just SO glad you came to visit and is hoping you will throw a stick for him 60-80 times.  Trailing behind was Casey, 15 years old, blind and deaf but sweet and silky as can be.  

We had a lovely weekend sitting on the porch, as one does in the country, walking on the open rocks of the Delaware, and hanging out with Calvin and Chip, Sarah's horses.  I don't think I've ever really felt so much that horses really are like gigantic dogs.  They nuzzled up to us and followed us around begging for treats.  Roan went on a ride through the woods.  He absolutely loves horses, not the easiest hobby to sustain in Brooklyn, so this was a delight.

Every visit to the country opens up the ever mulled-over question:  to buy a country house or not to buy?  In the week after we've been upstate I can pretty much guarantee I will find Sam house surfing on the internet.  "Look at this one!!  It's got a barn and 50 acres!  It's like $60,000!!! Oh, wait, it's near Canada".  Sigh. 

Two weeks later I got an email from Sarah that Casey died.  He told her he was ready, she said.  How lucky we were to get to spend that last fun filled weekend with him!  He was very smitten with Roan although he could hardly keep up with him.  Still there was some lovely snuggling. RIP Casey.

Gunnar, the welcoming committee

Sarah's beautiful old farm house and Gunnar with a log

Delaware Water Gap


Sunday Morning Paper

Calvin and Chip with Sarah and Roan

Getting acquainted



Roan gets a lesson

Sunset stroll

Gunnar at the end of a very exciting day

Sam and Casey