LIGHT WRITING 2014 - PICS! / by Micaela

The Light Writing Project at Extreme Kids happened on Sunday and it was, I think, a huge success.  We had 28 families participate over 4 hours. I don't think Sam or I sat down for one second that entire time.  

An acquaintance from my magazine years managed to connect me with an equipment rental company who donated everything we needed to create an enormous black arch to shoot in to.  Originally I thought I could maybe beg for a free blackout cloth but Mike at Root was like, "How about some 20ft long blackout curtains?  Autopoles, you want autopoles?  I'll throw in 6 of them just in case!  And a ladder!  And keep em as long as you want!"It is just so heartening when people are happy to give you stuff for a worthy cause.  I made a thank you note.

It went so seamlessly and most kids seemed to  know exactly which light - up tools they wanted and what they wanted to do.  Lots of the parents got in on the action too.  Here are some of my favorites from the day: