I'VE HAD A DAY / by Micaela

Today in days...

Bad Day:

- Missed the bus.

- A new breed of insane evangelist is everywhere in downtown Brooklyn, illustrating how we are damned to hell if we don't accept Jesus Christ as our savior using a huge easel and painting primitive, completely canned, and utterly senseless symbolism. 

- Roan's shoes are too tight. I try to carry him the 6 blocks to the train but he's too heavy so I make Roan walk in his blue stripey socks. Dirty looks for miles.

- Late to meet my mom to give her Roan while I went to the dentist.

- I went to the dentist. He found a surprise cavity while digging out the first one. 

- Two hours in a dentist's chair that was definitely made before the advent of ergonomics. Practically upside down. Ouch and barf.

- Upon leaving with my exhausted, shoeless child at 5pm - the witching hour for taxis - a rich middle-aged lady literally leaps in front of me and steals our cab. Steals. She just looks at Roan and looks at me straight in the face and says "I'm in a rush". I say, "are you kidding me? You're stealing a cab from a woman with a shoeless child??", and then curse her and her bad karma into eternity.

- Roan and I both burst into tears and stand on the median for another 10 minutes trying to find another cab.

Good Day:

- Finally too warm for a coat!

- Lunch with Aggie. She teaches Roan how to give wet willies.

- In the bathroom at the Diner I hear a girl talking to herself. I realize that, no she's not loopy, she's reciting Shakespeare. I come out of the stall and see a girl of about 18 standing in front of the bathroom mirror practicing a sonnet. I told her she nailed it. 

- Free babysitting from my ever generous mom. She takes shoeless Roan to the park while I'm at the dentist. Thanks GS!

Back at home at last. Decided to celebrate this bad/good day with Turkish food delivery.