Chuck / by Micaela

In what I can only describe as a devious trap, the bathrooms at the Atlantic Center are located right next to a Chuck E. Cheese. And so, of course, what was meant to be a 2 minute trip to the loo turned into Roan's first mall entertainment experience.

I haven't been to a Chuck E. Cheese since I was a kid. It is the sort of place that only a kid can possibly enjoy, a monument to overstimulation and fried food.  But today was rainy and it's spring break so I thought to myself, "why not join every other parent in Brooklyn who can't muster the imagination to salvage the day?" In we went to the vortex of seizure inducing flashing lights and robotic musical mice.

I was thrilled to see that his favorite game, by far, was not the one that involved using an Uzi to destroy tank sized tarantulas, but Skee Ball. 

After about Roan's third or fourth game a dad walked up to me and said, "get this kid a contract!" Do they have college scholarships for Skee Ball?