Excuse the lateness of my birthday posting but Sam and I were yet again the victims of a vicious 24-hour stomach virus (me on my birthday, no less) and it's taken us a minute to get back on our feet. 

The weekend before last we threw a joint birthday party for Roan and his buddy Charlie since they were born only 3 days apart.  Roan, Lula, and Charlie all had their first birthday party together and they were all due on the same day so I will always think of them as being sort of siblings. 

We got really lucky with the weather and decided to have the party in the playground directly across the street from our apartment.

The theme was robots.  We went to town with that - it's so much fun because you can make robots out of literally any old thing you have lying around your house.  Robots rule!


Sam made this.  Those are circuit boards on their chests.

Sam also made a rocket ship. Showing off, as usual.

Elizabeth and her mom made the best party bags!

My favorite part, however, was that Delores, she of Toddlers Songtime, who is one of my mom's closest and longest friends, provided the entertainment.  She is a marvel to watch.  First of all she remembered every single kids' name there after asking their name only once!  How? How does someone do that? Second of all it was extra special to me because she also performed at my third birthday. 

I got my mom to dig up a picture:

Delores (I'm in blue with the pink lei) circa 1979
She has the same captivating energy and goofiness.  And the same wicker basket for her instruments (now with packing tape all over it)!

The kids were pretty much spellbound for a good 45 minutes, and the whole thing ended with a musical birthday parade finale:

To top it all off Charlie's mom Elizabeth made the most unbelievable cakes (and she has a 6 week old baby.  AND I already got a thank you note from her for hosting the party.  Martha Stewart, you're on notice!)

We had such a blast.  We had an after party that was supposed to be more for the adults but the kids were having such a good time that we wound up letting a bunch of them play basketball until 1:00am!!!! I don't know what we were thinking except they were all being so well behaved and the adults were content so why rock the boat?