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The other day my friend Cecelia told me an old saying about raising kids, "The days are long and the years are short".  Truer words were never spoken.

Roan and Lula celebrated their first birthday with their friend Charlie yesterday.  All three bubs were due on the same day and born 3 days apart.

The day started drizzly and cool, which required some rethinking about our outdoor plans, but things were going smoothly until our Fresh Direct delivery time slot (8am-10am) came and went with no delivery.  Turns out they are neither Fresh nor Direct.

I spent most of the morning listening to hold music with their customer service reps. Finally we figured out they had delivered half of the food to a neighbor, who wasn't home, so we could see the food but not get it (The other half arrived at 5pm!). We had three helpers for the day, Miranda, Esme, and Claire, who found my phone rantings highly entertaining:

Finally things got off to a full swing.

Elizabeth, Charlie's mom, made the most beautiful cakes for the kids, one for the boys and one just for Lula:

We all sang:

It was a great day!  The kids made out like bandits with presents. Charlie, Tim, and Elizabeth totally outdid themselves and actually got us us as a present, handmade courtesy of a very clever woman on Etsy.

How friggin' adorable are these?!

To top everything off Roan and Lula got the best birthday cards ever from our neighbor Claire. Surely the word "precocious" was invented to describe this kid, who is equal parts worldly, mischievous, and sweetness.  Exhausted from the day, I got all weepy when I read these:

"This cat" refers to a photo of a cat covered in donuts on the other side of the paper

She just about says it all. Happy Birthday Roan, Lula, and Charlie!