ON TO THE NEXT ONE / by Micaela

Lula may have gorgeous eyes, golden hair, enviable lashes, and luscious lips, but she also has crappy veins.

She had her one year MRI today.  Another in a sequence of anesthesiologists had their ego deflated by her tiny veins, and after several failed attempts at sticking her hands and feet they had to put the IV in her neck - good times! The MRI went well, although she had some bronchospasms (I had to look them up)

The recovery room was certainly interesting. Since we were at Bellevue, a public hospital, our roommates included a guy who came with his very own corrections officer who had to handcuff him to the bed as soon as he regained consciousness!

Given that she spiked a pretty awful fever the last time she had anesthesia for her G-tube surgery they decided to keep Lula overnight (in the PICU, not with the convict), but she recovered very well and mainly was just hungry and gassy. According to Sam she fought off three nurses and managed to rip out the IV, which I think are encouraging signs of strength and coordination, don't you?

Sam is staying with her tonight and if all goes well she will be home tomorrow.

Lula and her hospital companion