For those of you who believe that the art of letter writing is dead, let me tell you that you are wrong. We have been inundated with cards and letters from all over, some from people we haven't seen in years and years. They are all so thoughtful and heartfelt; even the grammar and penmanship are beautiful. It's as though my mother edited them all before they were sent (my mother was maniacal about thank you note writing when I was growing up).  Miss manners would be so proud of every one of them.

By far the most unusual one was from my friend Cecelia.  It is a heartbreakingly personal and sincere letter from my oldest friend, and it immediately made me cry, but it also made me immediately laugh.  It was definitely an interesting choice, one that I believe may be a new market in bereavement cards for the future.  We gave gave it to Roan in hopes that he will wear out the batteries.

(make sure your sound is turned up)