We have been filled with love this week from our friends, and that love has in large part come in the form of delicious food. It's set to continue for the next month, by which time I think we will have sampled food from every culture imaginable.

Monday Dave and Jess brought heaps of Dominican rice, beans, and roast chicken.  Tuesday Lucy and Georgia dropped off Korean food - kim chee, rice, some kind of amazing marinated beef, and miso soup. Wednesday Forest and Jordan made chicken curry and brought an array of One Girl cookies.  And yesterday Aggie brought us a polish feast - beets, sour kraut, mashed potatoes and mountains of pierogis, finished off with cannolis courtesy of Sharda.  It's been a world tour of cuisine, and not really by design; it's just a testament to the worldliness of our friends.  Although I do think there is just a touch of competition going on.

The best part has been the company. The continuous socializing and celebrating has kept me very much out of my own head and connected with people.  It's sort of exhausting but in a good way.  It's kept me from my natural inclination, which would be to curl up on the couch and watch endless reruns of Hoarders and Cops. And the thing is, all of these people have been so involved in our lives, making such effort to stay connected to us for all those months that we were virtually housebound.  They all knew Lula too, and they all have their own grief to process. 

Tonight we are taking a break and I am going out with the ladies while the dads are coming here with the kids. We have enough leftovers to keep us well traveled for days.