WORK/PLAY/SLEEP / by Micaela

Day three of working and let me tell you it's all so different now.  I think everyone learns as they grow in their job and in their life not to sweat the small stuff, but I think for me it's perhaps more extreme.

I used get so overwhelmed at work- mostly about not being able to resolve things fast enough.  Producing photo shoots takes a certain amount of faith that everything will somehow come together and I wasn't always so good at that.  Now after everything I've been through in the past year things I used to stress out about incessantly are now fun.  You need to reschedule an entire shoot because of rain?  No problem!  The manicurist cancelled the night before the shoot?  I'm on it!  I've had neurologists cancel on me.  I've had the post office fail to deliver essential medication and sent Sam off to the wilds of Queens to fetch it.  I know how to operate an effing oxygen tank and thread an NG tube down someone's nose!  Stress is relative, for sure.

The only time I don't like working is when I get home at 7 and I have half an hour to be with my kids before they go to sleep.  I have retroactive yearning for the day I have missed with them.  I quiz Sam and my mom - Where did you go?  What did you do?  Did Lula eat oatmeal?  Did she get tummy time?  Did Roan eat well?  Did you go to the park? The notion of quality time is bullshit.  For kids it's all about quantity.

When I miss them at work I troll back through my phone for funny videos to watch of them.  Here's one I found today from the weekend.  Cecelia, Sharda, and Sonya came over for a visit and we had an impromptu dance party (in the buff for some of us).