WORKING GIRL / by Micaela

I started a new freelance project today, which I am really excited about.  I get to leave the house in heels, speak to adults, eat lunch sitting down, and I never have to clean up puke. It is heaven.  However,  I fear that this may curtail my blogging, or at least the more extensive rantings that are time consuming to complete.  So expect more videos and less chit chat for the next few weeks.

Sam is embarking on an insane schedule during this time where he is spending the day taking care of the babies and then going to the studio at night as soon as I get back from work for several hours.  It is this level of nonstop work that I always fear will lead to an accidental loss of fingers with a chopsaw at 2am.  Sam as usual is trying to make everyone happy, so of course his own well being is the first thing to go. 

Since we are both working so much we have decided that it's time for Roan to stop lazing around on his little butt and start earning his keep.  He is heretofore in charge of the cleaning.