...that is indeed what little girls are made of.  Especially Lula.

My friend Lior is a chef and something of a spice wizard.  He concocts amazing mixtures of exotic herbs and spices for restaurants.  He once showed up at our house carrying $200 worth of Madagascar vanilla beans that were on the way to a customer (he gave me one, which I think cost about $8, and I made cookies. Delicious!)  He also sells the blends in his store and online.  When I was pregnant I photographed all of the spices for him in my basement.  I set up a still life studio and spent hours pouring and spilling endless mixtures of orchid root, smoked salt, and star anise among many others.  No basement ever smelled so divine.

A couple of months ago Lior, who is newly married to my great friend Lisa, called to ask if it was OK to name his newest spice blend after Lula.  I gasped, and then started sobbing immediately.  My friends never cease to astonish me with how wonderfully creative they are in their generosity.

The spice is a blend of fennel, fleur de sel, and seaweed, which is perfect since Neave, her middle name, is an island off the north coast of Scotland.  The coastline is covered in seaweed and the sheep wander down from the grasses to feast on what has washed ashore. I want to come up with a recipe that marries the spice with a traditional Scottish dish, maybe like a fish stew, once the weather crisps up.

Here it is.  How many kids can say they have their own spice blend? So recherche.