I came home this afternoon to a very large box.  We had all been out - my mom, Roan, Lula, and I - at Beer and Babies, and upon our return this had been mysteriously left in the kitchen:

We have no idea who sent it, where it came from, or who even signed for it.  I called the company who shipped it and they were closed (at 4:45pm. Seriously??) It's a fantastic but very large tricycle.  I think Roan will be in second grade by the time he is big enough for it.  It is so fancy though, I must say.

I feel like the conclusion of this mystery is going to be someone saying "I told you I was sending the Schwinn last week. Remember?" but unfortunately my mind is now a mere way station between thoughts and my ipad calendar.  If I don't write it down within 30 seconds the thought is gone forever.

Anyone out there taking credit for this extremely generous gift?