BEER AND BABIES / by Micaela

All of this hurricane business has made me nervous about winter, and the inevitable cabin fever that is nigh.  Last winter Roan was just crawling and an excursion to the coffee shop was enough to entertain him for a few hours.  Now that ain't gonna cut it, so I have started to look into indoor entertainment and activities.

Apparently there is a Fort Greene play group coop, but in true New York form there is a crazy wait list.  I am just not doing wait lists if I can possibly help it.  This is the greatest, most diverse city in the world, surely there is more than one playgroup within a reasonable distance from my house!

There surely is, and it's called Beer and Babies, although when I called to confirm it's existence the woman sniffed that it was actually called Stutengarten.  OK, whatever.  It's a brilliant and simple concept; a nearby German beer garden (conveniently located across the street from Roan's pediatrician) clears out the floor, puts down an assembly of toys and mats, and marries child and adult recreation. Moms and dads chat and enjoy weihenstephaners and pilsners in huge steins along with soft pretzels while the kids burn off steam. I took my mom and sister and they loved it. My mom drank half her beer and got light headed and had to eat a pretzel, but we will have all winter to build up her tolerance.
All this for the cost of a beer or a $5 donation, and no wait lists!

Is this awesome or what??
Mom and Lula
Roan and Caity
Chowing down on a pretzel
Guten Tag!