BACK TO NORMAL / by Micaela

Irene has come and gone and aside from a few downed trees on some unfortunate cars everything is fine here in Fort Greene (incidentally, one of the great great grandmothers that are Lula's namesake was named Lula Irene). The biggest disruption was that our night nurse couldn't come so Sam and I split the night to stay up with Lula.  As she slept I kept the back door ajar so the hurricane winds could slip in and we could listen to the rain. She was peaceful until the 2am feed but spent the rest of the night a little congested and fussy. At 4:00am Sam relieved me and I crashed. We were both delirious with fatigue today.  It made me realize how lucky we are that we have the night nurses.

 Lula is supposed to be going for two days of tests to Columbia-Presbyterian starting tomorrow morning at 10am but I am slightly terrified of Monday morning in Manhattan post-Irene and hoping they will reschedule. 

Irene was otherwise an anticlimax.  My sister, who was supposed to be flying back to Prague last night, is stuck here until Thursday which I am selfishly happy for.  Even with all of the continued advisories to stay inside lest we get clocked in the head by falling debris, there is nothing more terrifying than a toddler with cabin fever so we took Roan for a walk and assessed the damage.


AND, in honor of the palava of the past few days Roan did an interpretive performance art piece about Hurricane Irene.  Behold!