TOP GEAR / by Micaela

One of the occupational hazards of being in this house is that there are prototypes everywhere.  Sam likes to test out his newest trash can design (which, by the way, is broken) or his latest idea for a mobile office unit (ahem, still not quite finished) at home.  Truly, his ingenuity cannot be overstated.  He's MacGyver and a Boy Scout rolled into one. He has a way of adapting the most mundane household items to fit a certain precision he has about almost everything.

Consequently lots of things for the kids are rigged just so.

Such as...

Lula's G-tube had a habit of popping out and spilling milk everywhere if she stretched too much so Sam took a hair clip, sawed off the ends and bent them inward.  Works a treat!

Lula's new feeding chair is attached to the base of an Ikea office chair.  Goes up and down, spins, and does wheelies.

Roan kept wanting us to hold his bottle for him. Sam looped a rubber band around the bottle and through the gate and voila!  Instant gerbil.