TEETH AND NOSES / by Micaela

Two new developments around here in the past week or so.

Lula's top and bottom front teeth have broken through. So far it's the only thing she's beaten her brother at, and she's psyched to try them out.  Lula is having an MRI next week so we are going easy on any feeding therapy with liquids to make sure that her lungs are completely clear and in the interim she has discovered cookies.  She doesn't swallow much cookie, but she loves scraping her new teeth on them and chomping down on them.  She breaks them into little pieces, which i then have to try to fish out without being bitten myself.
Actual bite marks! Can you see em?
Cookie remnants

The other thing is that Roan has discovered his nose. Or rather his nostril. And that his finger fits so snugly in it.  We are trying to discourage it but then he goes after our nostrils, which is worse.  Apparently it's some developmental milestone (Lula's OT called it "single digit identification" or some such). It's also confusing because we are trying to teach him to identify body parts ie "Where's Roan's nose? Where's Roan's ear?" and pointing and picking are verrry similar in his view.

Doing the Seinfeld-style nose pick fake out