I knew we would need lots of help with twins, but I never really pictured myself having a staff. I have always been a serious DIY kind of girl, indignant at any photographer who expected me to run personal errands for them or fetch them coffee.  Get your own damn soy latte!  I took for granted my ability to clean my own house, buy my own groceries, do my own laundry, pay my own bills, walk my own dog, etc.

Now, however, unless I can do something at night (while pumping - one errand I can definitely not farm out) on the computer - thank you FreshDirect,, etc - I find I have slowly outsourced my responsibilities to others.  Which is a good thing, because as it is we are hanging on by a thread around here.  I, who used to spend 4 hours in a Joan Crawford style frenzy cleaning the bathroom because I found it oddly relaxing, now simply cannot be arsed.

I tallied up the cast of characters we have coming and going around here and I really should start selling tickets cuz it's a circus.  By my account we have 12 people total coming and going every week.  2 Night nurses - Mistura and Perpetue, 3 therapists for Lula - Paul for PT, Loreto for OT, and Lisa for feeding, 4 sitters - Kia, Sacha, Cecelia and Jemma, our cleaning lady Ana (who Roan is utterly besotted with), and our dog walker Sharon. And then of course there is my mom. 

As insane as it is to manage the scheduling of everyone, aren't we a lucky lot to have such major reinforcements? How on earth does anyone raise kids without an army of crafty, caring, industrious people as support?