BOYS WILL BE BOYS / by Micaela

Sam has had a fairly eventful few days.  First, he had the brilliant idea of asking our upstairs neighbor Claire, who is 8 years old, if she would be willing to cut his hair. Would she ever!! When she was finished she declared it a triumph and left Sam looking very much like a Bird of Paradise doing the ritual mating dance that we just saw on a David Attenborough special.


Bird of Paradise

Oh my, what was I thinking?

I tried to do a little damage control but some of it is unsalvageable. Luckily, Sam is like a Chia Pet. His hair will be down to his shoulders by next week.

Then on Sunday after delivering a job in Chinatown Sam managed to get the car towed. Third times a charm! Turned out they towed it to the Brooklyn Navy Yards which was pretty convenient (considering how inconvenient it was to be towed in the first place). Sam thought Roan might like a manly municipal garage expedition so he took him along. I was secretly hoping that my little blue-eyed boy could sweet talk us out of paying to get the car out of the pokey.  No such luck.

If fact, it also turned out that our inspection had expired so we got a ticket for that too!  Which led to another male bonding experience of Roan and Sam going to get the car inspected. 

Fun times on Fulton Street!

Up next, Roan learns how to change a flat tire!