PRE-K FIRST DAY / by Micaela

Roan had his first day of Pre-K today.  I am convinced that somewhere, somehow, in the universe Lula is bringing good luck to this kid.  Not only did he land a highly coveted spot at PS20, which is across the street from our house, apparently he got THE best teacher and the best classroom.  It's a huge classroom, as big as our apartment, with beautiful wood paneling, a big bay window (covered in safety gates of course), and even a fireplace (which they don't use- but still!) It's a very old school so it looks well loved but for a NYC public school that's pretty fancy.  

We tried to meet as many other parents and kids but it was a bit of a whirlwind.  A very good, happy vibe, a fantastic variety of people all looking a bit hesitant but excited.  Glorious weather.  Name tags.  Forms to fill out.  Pretty much exactly the same as I remember my first day of school.  I think the first day of school might be the most universally uniting experience ever.