IMAGE A DAY : DAY ONE / by Micaela

Roan is at day camp 5 days a week for the next 4 weeks! Which means emancipation for me.  And because I can't possibly use that time to sit in a hammock in the back yard like a sensible person would, I have given myself a hefty laundry list of to-dos to fill all that time. 

One is to blog regularly.  The past few months have been filled with activity, mostly repetitive and Roan related.  All very good but not very blog inducing.  I think, in fact, that I may have had the most uneventful and happiest year of my life.  I basically spent the entire year shuttling Roan from one activity to the next:  Mondays - bus or bike to Occupational Therapy, then Pho (Vietnamese noodles) then swimming at the YMCA, then groceries at Trader Joes, then home to play/make dinner/clean/do laundry.  Tuesdays - playdate with Suraiya then gymnastics, and so on and so on. 

What used to sound like the oppressive housewifely regime that trapped my grandmothers has turned out to be a great source of peace and fulfillment for me - who knew??

I think perhaps the difference is that a) it was in some ways my choice to go this route (although the choice to slog away in a thankless job in a dying industry to hardly cover the costs of childcare and insurance was the other option)  and b)  I continue to take pictures every day.  Even if they are mostly of Roan I am still using the same part of my brain to think creatively as I would photographing anything else.  

That's really the thing, isn't it?  Pitting working moms vs stay-at-home moms is a bit like pitting doctors vs lawyers.  They are both needed and anyone can hate one and love the other as a job depending on what fulfills you as a human being.

OK enough of my ramblings,  The point of this all is that I am going to try to post one single new image per day from my recent work.  I am still editing a couple of new series for my website and these are some of the images I am playing around with.  If you have any thoughts (love it! hate it!)  add them to the comments!

Roan at Lake Raponda, Wilmington, VT 2014