Sunday was a glorious day in New York; perfect temperature, light breeze, late enough in the year that the sun doesn't set until 8:00pm, but early enough that there are no mosquitoes.  We get about a week like this around Memorial Day, and again around mid September.  The rest of the year is anyone's guess.

We decamped to Prospect Park with a bunch of friends and about 50,000 other Brooklynites.  To just sit on a blanket and do very little - what a luxury! 

Gorgeous, gorgeous day
We picked our turf
It takes a village!

A wedding took place outside of the Picnic House.  Surrounded by BBQs and ogling strangers, it was actually really lovely.  In true Brooklyn style the bride wore a pink rose covered dress and a beehive hairdo.  The guests wore pink yarmulkes and- perhaps in a nod to same sex marriage? - the groomsmen wore a rainbow of yarmulkes.  The whole park cheered when the bride and groom kissed.

Anyhow,  back to us...

Bo and Max (Max, saving it for later)
Morgan devoured grapes
Everyone was so happy!
And maybe a bit hungry
As usual, Dave provided the tunes
Damien and Benjamin tried to teach everyone to play baseball but Roan and Charlie kept forgetting to run to the bases after hitting the ball

Then there was this puddle.  It was, we thought, a safe distance from us, but apparently it was a perilously close temptation for the boys.  We tried to keep their attention elsewhere but they were powerless to the lure of the mud.  Things got messy real quick.

Roan and Charlie

Charlie absolutely relished in the dirtiness
Charles, not so much
He got into the swing of it quickly enough, though
They were all so in their element

Charlie went full on Lord of the flies

Roan was a little less sure of the muddiness

Journey back to the car, pantsless