#TBT / by Micaela

This photo I have thanks to my fabulous cousin Melanie, the family historian on my maternal grandmother's side.  

Lest you might think that giving your children crazy names is a new trend, here is a sampling of the names from my family in small town Mississippi circa the late 1800s - early 1900s:

Patience Peacock  

Minnie Maude
(my grandmother, named after a cow and a horse)

So suck it, Apple Martin and Moon Unit Zappa! Weird names are a time honored tradition in this family going back four generations. 

Here's Tally Lula, my great grandmother with three of the aforementioned crazy-named kids. Triplets.  Yes that's right, triplets.  In Mississippi. In 1897.  Ouuuuch.

Unfortunately the two boys died within two days of each other when they were about 18 months old, of what no one really knows. Oh, and the man, Abizer my great grandfather with 2 of their other kids, died when he was kicked in the head by a horse, leaving Lula to raise 8 surviving kids by herself. When people harken back to the good old days when life was simpler, is this what they are talking about?  Because I'm pretty certain this was not simpler than having indoor plumbing and vaccinations.

But I digress.  Happy #tbt folks!

From left, Noah, Abizer, Hosea, Tally Lula, and the triplets Dudly Dewey, Sherley Schley, and Ozella Rovella (though not necessarily in that order)