You may have noticed that I gave the blog a little pre-spring scrubbing. I Hope you like it! 

Note that there are two new features on the blog:  I have added links to other blogs I like to follow.  Check them out!  Send me yours if you think I would like it too. Also you can now see my Instagram Feed. 

For a girl with no paying job I am crazy busy, which is always my excuse for blogging black-outs, but it is indeed really true.  I have managed to get myself on committees, boards, fundraisers, gala co-chairs, etc which all sounds terribly WASPy to me but it reality involves doing much the same as when I was a photo shoot producer, except A) I don't get paid and B) the work is truly meaningful to me.

I am also trying to update my very neglected website in time for the launch of a fantastic artists collective that I am really excited to get to be a part of called www.fiercelycurious.com

All good things! Stay tuned! Pray for Spring!