This year has been a far brighter year than 2012.  By design I made it an easy year.  I think we all deserved that and as such Sam, Roan and I are pretty happy people who feel exceedingly loved and lucky.

I decided as a year end round up of 2013 to put together all the photos I haven't gotten around to doing anything with. They are a curious amalgamation with no discernible theme, although Roan does figure frequently.  But first, a few notes:

- In case you have any year-end cash you need to get rid of before the tax man cometh please consider giving to the awesomest non-profit for the awesomest kids:

- An incredible friend/illustrator/teacher/all-around-good-guy by the name of Ryan Sanchez has organized a massive art benefit in Savannah Georgia to raise money for victims of Typhoon Haiyan.  Over 100 artists, myself included, donated work which will be sold at the opening on January 10 and also in an online auction.  It's a chance to get yourself some incredible artwork while giving money to a very worthy cause:

- Lastly, for all those vowing to cleanse/juice/diet/run/get-up-at-6am-to-do-Pilates:  It IS important to be healthy.  It IS important to eat well and move your body daily.  It IS important to restart after a holiday filled with salted caramel chocolates and egg nog.  However, NO ONE has ever died from not having a six pack. Don't confuse health with perfection. Unless you love doing situps it's pointless.  As a wise woman once said "no one who loves me cares that much about my abs".