TOURISTS / by Micaela

NB:  I'm playing catch up on my blog posts so I'll be jumping around time-wise.  Today we are back in Prague!

In addition to being nightmares in transit I'm afraid that three-year-olds also make lousy tourists.  Not for lack of trying, but no matter what we did or where went in Europe this summer with Roan our experience was always colored by the fickle whims of Roan.  

We did get to see the old town in Prague but mostly just the outsides of buildings while in hot pursuit of a sprinting toddler.  We couldn't go anywhere that required waiting in line, staying still, or silence.  Luckily the weather was stellar and there were plenty of street performers and public art to keep us entertained.

Guard outside of Prague Castle. Holy shit it was SO hot I don't know how this guy stood there all day.
That says "Traditional Czech Toys and Souvenirs".  I'm sorry but that thing looks creepy.
Yep, this pretty much sums it up
I love photographing tourists photographing themselves
This is why the world hates American tourists. Blech.

Prague is a town full of bizarre curiosities and a love of the macabre.  I remember my sister telling me about St. Nicolas day which is like Christmas meets Halloween. This video illustrates it perfectly ( and hilariously)   St. Nicolas Day in the Czech Republic

There are dudes like this all over the place
Ceci n'est pas une Pipe
A public bench
Very creative, but I'm not sure how useful this fire hydrant would be in the event of fire.

My god it is beautiful, though.

View from Caitlin's apartment (after about 50 flights of stairs)
Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter
Vineyards right in the middle of the city
Swans are a big thing in Prague
View from Petrin Hill

There was a proliferation of public and interactive street art and street performers. It all felt very young and vibrant, a nice balance for such an old city.

A "Before I die" wall
Not exactly public art but very interactive and great to have on a hot day
A girl fell in love with Roan on the street and gave him her watermelon ukelele to try
The John Lennon Wall
The signature song in the Ladybug class at the Coop School last year was "Yellow Submarine" so Roan just had to request it.  While eating a giant sausage.

We tried to get him to play it himself back at Caity's apartment