Ages ago my stepmom asked that I send her photos of all of the crazy things we've done to Gracie for The Great Pupkin, Fort Greene's very own insane, indulgently creative dog costume contest.  This year Gracie took a break from the festivities as I was away and, ahem, she won last year anyway. 

So here's a recap of Pupkins past...

It started innocently enough.  A little spray-on hair dye and some cardboard and voila - Oscar The Grouch. She won 2nd Place.

The next time quickly spiraled into an elaborate, time consuming and very "meta" getup. People who got it loved it, but no prizes.  I thought it was hilarious.

I may have overdone it on this one.  Queen Elizabeth.  No prizes either.

Then the kids came along and Gracie got a reprieve.  Here's Roan dressed as Mario Batalli with a meat cleaver.   It was so cold that night Lula never made it into her costume, which was a giant squid.

 The infamous "Beets No More"  costume.

Lula got so many compliment for this!

Not to be outdone,  Sam threw this together in 5 minutes and Gracie won first runner up.

And of course, last years "Where the Wild Things Are" ensemble.

Gracie rocking her First Place ribbon.  A proud moment for a dog.