Back we went to our sweet spot in Vermont for early June. 

We avoided all highways and drove straight up sleepy Route 22.  Hard to believe that any road connected to New York City  (via the Hutch) could possibly feel so easygoing.  

A little of topic, but while on Route 22 we drove past an immense stretch of abandoned buildings that looked like the setting for every horror movie ever made. I looked it up later and for 70 years it was the Harlem Valley Psychiatric Hospital.  I was totally transfixed as we drove by.

Anyhow, moving on. We stopped here for lunch.

Here we are.  Aaaaaaand relax.

This time our friends Ben and Ali and their little ones Charles and Cecily joined us along with Cecelia, Jason and Bo, who was there last year but in utero.

View of the house from my feet

Commando swimming

Gracie and Wally jumped in immediately


Ali, Cecily, and Charles


Jason and Bo

Charles and Roan


Cecily was so taken with Bo

Sam is quite taken with Cecily


There were lots of story times and a bit of couch lounging.

Sunday it rained for a bit, but really for only an hour or two, and it was still warm so no one was too bothered.  The chefs prevailed making steaks, and even the fishing was successful.  And then, ridiculously on cue, we got a rainbow for our troubles.

Obligatory dad uniform

This little guy went back in

Fishing in the rain

I mean, come on, right?


Monday was perfection. Apparently Brooklyn was roasting, but Vermont was delightful.  The water was actually pretty warm, especially for this time of year.

Cecelia with Hat

Jason with Dog


Bo and Cecelia

Cecelia and I

Bo and I were really into our hats

I can't believe it took us 2 whole days to get there but we went for ice cream at Wahoo's Eatery one day, and then the next day Cecelia and Jason discovered the Creemee Stand which was a little slice of ice cream heaven.  It was like the ice cream stand that time forgot.  There really is nothing more nostalgic than an ice cream stand, but this place was so adorable and it had the most incredible ice cream.

It seemed like the locals all knew that this was the spot

A baby cone.  50 cents!

Roan waits patiently

Roan has a penchant for chocolate with rainbow sprinkles

First of all Cecelia and I look like we are auditioning for Grey Gardens here.  Second, we had Peanut Butter Sundaes.  So delicious but I really thought I was going to barf after.

The dogs are totally in their element here.  I think they remembered it from last year.

Baby bath!

She's 10 years old and she swam for hours.  Not bad for an old lady!

Roan, I fear, is really meant to be a country boy.  I mean, what is this kid doing in the city?

One of his favorite activities was peeing outdoors.  By the second day he was like the dogs, he would just run outside every time he had to pee.  Liberating, I guess.  The only thing that might have topped it was getting a ride on a lawn mower.

Sigh, five days flies by, but we all felt so gloriously relaxed.  We drove back down 22 and found this organic farm with these wonderful animal diagrams.  They definitely don't make it any easier to eat meat because they are so cute.

We all had such an effortless blast, it's hard to justify living in the city after weeks like this.  But then I need a bagel, so it was back to Brooklyn.