AH, CHILDHOOD / by Micaela

Upon emailing my mom about potty training progress, she responded with this little nugget of history that I just couldn't keep all to myself.  

Peach (that's what she calls me - OK now you know, don't tease me),
I forgot to say congratulations on the way potty training is going.  Pooping in the potty is a big deal, and believe it or not, I remember the first time I pooped in the big potty.  I was very proud of myself, and then my Mom flushed.  I remember feeling devastated that something that belonged to me had just disappeared forever.  Ah, childhood.


My mother, the woman who still occasionally gets lost on the way to my house from the subway but can remember this moment from when she was a toddler.  The mind is mysterious indeed.

Also, let it be known that she was potty trained at 16 months by my grandmother who, as a farm child at the tail end of 12 kids probably potty trained herself, and I assure you there was no "No Cry Potty Solution" shit going on there. 

Grandma Soup, when she was still little Susie Odgers, and Mr. Chips