SO, THIS HAPPENED / by Micaela

We have a bit of an architectural dilemma in our apartment, which is that in order to get to the back yard you have to go through Roan's bedroom (First World problems, I know).  Now that it's spring I have been trying to spend as much time as possible in the back gardening (which for me mostly means picking up 4 months of leaves and dog poop), so I've been putting Roan down for his nap in my bed. 

The first few times worked great, I created a sort of nest out of foam pillows,  but yesterday when he woke up (unless he never actually went to sleep) he must have gotten a bit curious.  I opened my bedroom door to find him sitting in the middle of a tornado of bedsheets with all the lights on, one of my bras hanging around his neck, hair like a firecracker, and the whole entire room reeking of Vicks Vaporub.   I found the empty jar of Vicks as well as an empty jar of my face cream (which was brand new).  I said "Roan, where did you put all the Vicks and the lotion??"  to which he joyfully replied "EVERYWHERE".

I was so stunned that it didn't even occur to me to take a picture, so I have used my skills as a photo researcher to find you an approximate illustration of the scene I was met with.