We did a great light writing project this weekend at Extreme Kids and Crew.  We set up a seamless, a camera on a tripod, put Outkast on Pandora, and gave the kids all sorts of light-up things to express themselves with.  We did 15 second exposure images and let each kid or family do their thing.

I was a little worried beforehand that using flashing lights in a dark room might be a bit too much for the kids but they totally loved it.  It was so much fun for us too - a big shout out to Kia, Sharda, Kate, and Sam for helping me make this idea come to life.

Here's some of my favorites!

Caleb and Lauretta


Kieran, Gael, and Gillian

Carmen, Yahaira, and Luz

Carmen, Yahaira, and Luz

Augie and Emmet
You can see them all here!