STORM KING / by Micaela

A great day trip from NYC, barring traffic catastrophies, is Storm King, a 500 acre sculpture park about 2 hours drive from Brooklyn.  We took Roan on a spontaneous mission there last weekend to meet up with Ben (Sam's other half at work) and Alli (Ben's other half at home) and their kids Charles and Cecily.  It was a little cold and rainy but nothing's better to air out the lungs and clear the head than wandering around in the country among massive works of art.

The only annoying thing was that several times a slightly jittery employee would run up and tell us that the kids weren't allowed to touch this or that sculpture (some were fine to climb all over, but there was no signage to indicate thusly).  It seemed a little precious for massive works that were subjected to the elements 365 days a year, but whatever. We stuck to the kid friendly work and wandered the hills. Overall, it was a lovely country day.