PIXIE / by Micaela

Continuing the epic multi-blog blog on our trip to Scotland, yet another dream fulfilled for Roan was to ride a pony. He is obsessed with horses - drawing them, looking at pictures, dreaming about them, etc - and is in awe of real ones when we meet them.

Meeting the neighbors

 There is are stables near Torrisdale where you can take rides out on the dunes and they have a pony named Pixie who takes out the beginners.

The owners were absurdly nice and saddled Pixie up and fitted Roan with his very own riding hat and took him for a lap around the grounds.  He was such a natural, so comfortable, not at all afraid and you would think that the baby Jesus himself was riding Pixie for the fuss that we were all making over him.

Torrisdale Stables

Aunt Cicely and Roan

 Here's all the fussing