SUMMER OF LOVE / by Micaela

I suppose everyone has their first summer romance at some point in their lives, so maybe it was inevitable.  Sam's oldest friend Will, his lady Jam and their kids Lorcan and Maeve came up to the croft for a few days while we were there.  A lot of silliness ensued.

Lorcan, Sam's godson, is a whimsical and imaginative five year old with incredible drawing skills and a penchant for vikings.  Roan followed him around a lot and basically annoyed him.


Then there was Maeve.  She makes our little intrepid athlete Roan look like a nail-biting milquetoast.  She is a totally fearless white-blonde otherwordly Nordic warrior child.  She doesn't get cold.  In Scotland.  She will turn blue but not be bothered. Not even two years old and she doesn't use a highchair or a bib and sleeps in a big kid bed.  Roan was besotted.

We kept catching them off snogging or cuddling (once in Maeve's bed no less!)  or getting up to other shenanigans.  They seem to be able to get into so much more trouble in together than on their own.

 Kissing aside, they seemed to be very intuitive of each other, very connected.  I had so many strange moments where I saw what Roan's life could have been as a twin, how focused and attuned these two little people were to each other with so little language but so much of the same perspective on the world.  It was, as so many things are, bittersweet.

For Roan is was nothing but a joy to have two little Scottish tour guides to show him the ways of the countryside.  Now he will have two familiar faces to return to in the summers to come.

The boys
Reaching for the sky
Lunch in the sun
Hill transport
With Uisdean and Tide