My very first friend in this world was Matthew.  We were born a few weeks apart to two moms who were themselves great friends.

My mom (left) and Delores 3 days before I was born.  Hello 1970's!

Thanks to their friendship I got to spend many a weekend in the bucolic suburbs of White Plains and thus got a taste of what a real American childhood was like (not that I was Little Orphan Annie or anything, but rent strikes and pigeons roosting in the airshaft outside of your bedroom window isn't quite Norman Rockwell territory). It was like my own little Fresh Air Fund.

Me and Matt Circa 1980

One of my favorite things about being there was Matt's mom Delores.  She sang, played guitar and piano, and taught music classes at their house.  You've never met anyone so attuned to the mind of a child in your life.  Their house was top to bottom kid fun and adventure. She would also bring the fun to the city for birthday parties.

Delores performing at my sister's 4th birthday.  That's Caitlin scowling in the party hat.

I have been wanting so much for Roan to have that same magical experience so my mom, sister, and I took him up to one of her music classes last week.  I mean, really, can you handle this cuteness?

Roan with Tippy, music class assistant

With Aunt Caitlin and classmate
As usual Roan could not stay seated for even a minute of class
Checking out Betsy, the guitar

After class Delores set up the kiddie pool using an ingenious rigging for the hose.  We sat outside with some other class moms and grandmas and kids and cooled our kicks in the water. 


Delores chilling with an icepop

This little guy had quite a mosquito bite

Squirt fish attack

catching fish
At the end of the day I persuaded Delores to give us a private encore performance.  It was so surreal and wonderful to see Roan literally reliving my childhood verbatim and having such a great time.

The rhythm is gonna getcha!