TRUCKIN / by Micaela

Despite all that Brooklyn has to offer you sometimes find yourself at a loss for things to do with a two year old.  This is how Roan, Sam, and I wound up at the dubiously named Touch a Truck fundraiser for PS 295 in Park Slope.  There were fire trucks, garbage trucks, tow trucks, school buses and the like.  Even the DJ was on a truck.

There were also, as per any Brooklyn school event, absurdly long lines.  There was no chance I was waiting 20 minutes to experience the inside of an NYC garbage truck so we opted for the least interesting of all, namely the Home Depot pickup truck.  Seriously, the inside looked pretty much the same as our minivan but Roan was happy to tool around in it and pretend to pick up day laborers on the way to the job site.

It was a pretty great idea for a school event and it was raising money in a way that didn't involve selling sugary baked goods so all in all I think it was a good way to pass an overcast Saturday afternoon.

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