Let me just tell you all that I am blown away by what a big kid Roan is these days:

1. He is speaking pretty much in full sentences now. Not Shakespeare, more like caveman ("Roan take scooter to park") but we are having actual conversations. And actual arguments.

2. Instead of saying "yes" he says "alright".  We have no idea where this came from.

3. He is now riding his scooter rather than pushing it around like a lawn mower. The helmet is mandatory.

4. He may be a soccer phenom. At least among 2-3 year olds. He kicks like he means it.

5. Today he woke up from his nap, climbed out of his crib, and took everything out of Sam's bedside drawer including a tube of chapstick which he smeared all over himself. He then knocked on the door so I would let him out, awash in the smell of beeswax.

6. He asks me at least 10 times a day if he can drive.

Wow, do they grow up in a big ol' hurry.