NON-SECULAR / by Micaela

We got hoodwinked in to going to church for Easter by my mother. I haven't been to a service in years and years but all that "free" babysitting had to catch up with me eventually and mom called in her chips for Easter.  Plus, who doesn't love an easter egg hunt?

Roan lasted approximately 4 minutes into the service before he became impossible, which was pretty much what we were hoping for.  Sam and I took him out to the bucolic garden for the rest of the service where he ran around and chatted with a homeless lady named Mary who was reading the paper on a bench.

Towards the end of the of the service my mom came out, rallied the egg hiding crew, and took Roan back in to the church.  She came out ten minutes later and casually said, "Well, Roan just had communion.  I don't know how that happened!"  She handed Roan his easter egg basket, and continued, "He just got handed a wafer and then stuck his hand in the wine and the priest said 'have him lick his fingers' and that was that!" Oy.  There is no such thing as free babysitting.  We moved on to egg hunting.

We had a lovely day but I think that's enough religion to last us for a while.