Roan, my mom, and I are going to visit our cousins in Pennsylvania tomorrow for a long weekend. A few things:

1. According to Google Maps is should take us approximately 2 hours to get there.  However, something happens when Walker women try to travel wherein time is sucked into a vortex (a vortex that resides in rest stops with bathrooms and WaWa's). Last time my mother, sister, and I drove there it took us over 4 hours.

2. Although we have had the driest winter in history, tomorrow of course it is going to snow and rain.  Oh, the irony of mother nature!

3. I have always prided myself on being a more judicious packer than my mother, who is in the running with Joan Collins as Luggage Queen.  However, the game is over now that I am packing for two.  This is the first time I have ever had to pack for Roan (Sam and I had mastered packing for Lula's many hospital stays.  NB: When packing to stay in a hospital never assume they will have anything you need. This includes toiletries, blankets, food, or medication) We are going 100 miles for 2 nights and despite my very best editing efforts we are bringing this:

This doesn't include the stroller. I am a bit horrified.