DOGS / by Micaela

Meet our newest extended family member: Wally.  Hi Wally!

Wally is Cecelia and Jason's new puppy (a girl).  Sadly, last year, which was collectively the worst year ever for my friends and I, they had to put down their old Dominican Cheese Hound Lupa.  RIP Lupa.  We will miss your smiling face.

Lupa only had one friend in the world and that was Gracie.  It is crucial to all of our sanity and well being that our dogs get along so we had to make sure that Wally and Gracie got to know each other STAT.  So we did what all Brooklynites do to socialize: we had brunch.  Sonya's dog Wizard came along too.

Wally, Wizard, and Gracie (peeking)

Incidentally, I couldn't resist when I took Gracie to the groomers; we got some fashion accessories.  She had been such a raggamuffin for so long I thought she deserved a little fanciness.