THANK YOU NOTES / by Micaela

My mother's been after me to write thank you notes for all of the things we have received in sympathy. Actually not all, she's really just concerned about the things sent to us by people she knows. They may be deeply hidden under a shock of blue hair, but my mothers southern roots are showing.

I find the thought of tackling this task overwhelming.  The gifts and thoughts we have been sent have been utterly personal, empathetic, inspiring. I can't return or relive the sentiments of each of these again without feeling like I am going to come apart at the seams all over again.  Anyway, as much as these things are undoubtedly for us, I felt from so many people that they were just as compelled to express their thoughts about Lula to help themselves articulate their feelings to themselves.

We have received paintings, drawings, music, books, jewelry, family heirlooms, and dozens and dozens of beautifully written notes. Not to mention the meals that were cooked for us in our home or delivered every day for almost six weeks.  It is a mountain of gratitude that I can't possibly parse out equitably to all those that deserve it.

So here I am going to say to you all Thank You. I hope you all know who you are, and if you know someone who was thoughtful but doesn't read the blog please pass on the message.  I am just not in a place for formalities right now but I am so humbled and appreciative.