THE SNOWY DAY / by Micaela

Finally, finally it snowed in Brooklyn. Since the freakish blizzard we had in October there hasn't been one flake, and since we got Roan and Charlie sleds for Christmas we have been itching to get on the slopes of Fort Greene Park. It took an hour to layer ourselves up like fleece baklava, and then dog and kid in tow, lumbered to the park.

It wasn't the storm of the century but it was just enough snow for sledding and the kids were out in droves.  I got taken out by 3 girls who barreled into the back of my knees when I wasn't looking.

Go Team Murray!


I think Sam and I may have been a little more enthusiastic about this endeavour than Roan. He's had a couple of off nights lately and I think he may be coming down with something. He loved the first few runs but after about half an hour he looked like a popsicle. He kept pointing to his chin, which looked like a cherrybomb, and then just kind of lost it, poor kid.  Sam had to take him home before we could meet up with Charlie and some other friends. We're going to have to toughen this kid up before we go to Scotland or he won't last a minute, even in the summer.

Cranky Pants
In the afternoon our friends Suzan and Tom visited with their twins.  Suzan is a friend of mine from high school and in the most unlikely of coincidences we both wound up pregnant with boy/girl twins in the same year.  They are such hardcore twin parents it makes my head spin.  They trekked on the subway from upper Manhattan with both of the kids and their gear in baby carriers and back packs despite the snow, like urban toddler sherpas.  It reminds me of how much work it was having twins, even without all of Lula's other complexities.  I loved having their giddy dual energy toddling around the house.   It was a truly impressive effort to go through all of that to visit us for a few hours, but I also think that at a certain point nothing is worse than the thought of being cooped up with two 14 month olds all afternoon.  Here they are all geared up for the journey home.