We met a couple, Josh and Avigael, in the hospital about 4 months ago with their baby girl Penny.  We were sharing a room, a small one as I recall.  Sharing a space like that is always strangely both intimate and public, a bit like living in the dressing room at Macy's, so mostly everyone always put on discretionary blinders as a courtesy. For some reason, however, we all wound up talking a great deal.  Penny was only 4 months old so her parents were new to it all. I recall suddenly realizing that Sam and I were old pros at the doctor visits/hospital stays/tests etc revolving door.  Josh and Avigael had the startled calmness that I remember us having when we first realized that this would be the narrative of our lives from here on out. I remember how well Penny took a bottle, how supportive and attentive Josh and Avigael were to Penny and to each other, and I knew Penny had somehow found the right parents.  We exchanged email addresses before we left. We have periodically updated each other on the kids over the months.

On hearing of Lula's death Josh and Avigael were so compelled to contribute to Extreme Kids in her name that they have started a fundraiser in her honor with a goal of reaching $1000.  They are nearly there.

How amazing! I am still totally stunned by the gesture. 

To further the theory that when given the opportunity most people will be astonishingly generous and kind towards others: over 45 people have donated on Lula's behalf to donated to Extreme Kids on Lula's behalf to the tune of over $3500.

The money is being set aside to create a special space for profoundly disabled children in Lula's memory.