Too quiet for my liking.  Despite my best efforts to overschedule myself as per usual, I found myself with a sitter for several hours today and nothing really to do.  I realized that I had been dreading this moment.  I am no good at quiet contemplation.  I like my contemplation amidst a flurry of tasks, chores, errands etc, thank you very much.

In the end I decided I had to roll with it and have a nice quiet day to myself.  I went to a yoga class - my new years resolution - I cleaned the house up, although it was pretty clean already,  perused cookbooks for an upcoming dinner party, and then completely surrendered to my day as a 1950's John Cheever housewife and got a manicure and pedicure (no 11am cocktails, however).

I really have no clue what to do with myself with so much time on my hands.  Not only did I lose my baby, I lost my job.  Or, rather, I was downsized.  Roan is fairly monopolizing of my time and attention, but not nearly at the level I was at before.  I feel like I have jumped off a moving train that was going 75 miles per hour and I am now gradually slowing my gate.

The nice part is that I am so aware of how much I enjoy hanging out with my goofy, inquisitive, charming little boy.  Watching him discover the world is nothing short of magic.  Every day is an endless, joyous revelation and comic masterpiece of sheer silliness.

Roan getting his very own manicure