TURN OFF THE DARK / by Micaela

It was a little surreal around here last week.  We had a commercial for Garnier filming upstairs and it took over the whole block. The streets were cleared of cars and overtaken with tents, lights, cables and very busy people. Our neighbors were ready to mutiny.  Our poor landlords were blindsided by the scale of it all. 

Monday morning they started at 4am.  At 6am I marched up in my robe and slippers and told them to stop talking or they would wake up my kids.  I was SO tempted to dump Roan on them when he woke up at 6:30. While it was grey and raining all day outside, inside it was sunny California all day. It kind of messed with our heads.

Photo Courtesy Sam

Sam's mom was staying on the top floor in our landlords spare room and had to weave her way through the mayhem every day.  She was a good sport about it, willing to put up with smarmy production assistants so she could get her hands on her grandkids.

Monday through Wednesday we had my mother AND Sam's mother staying with us (I will pause here for full effect).  For some reason when we get them together they sing a lot. This time it was Teddy Bear's picnic.  They also conspired to buy Roan a scooter and even managed to take the kids to the diner.

We all had a lovely time.  Joss got to indulge the kids, Sam got to catch up with his mom and I got to take some time to myself.  Everyone wins!!  Joss is so enamored with the babies.  Here she is with Sam and the kids and I think her face says it all (either that or she's really enjoying "No Bed without Ted").