Continuing our marathon of grandparents, Granny Joss arrived on the day that my dad and stepmom left.

I always seem to realize too late that I am burned out, like an overtired child who hasn't napped.  I've been in a foul mood, overwhelmed and exhausted and fed up with everything. Luckily I have been able to basically take the last 3 days off and be a very backseat parent.  Joss and Sam and a series of sitters have all but taken over.  I got my hair done, went to happy hour, and had an all afternoon Mimosa brunch with my oldest and dearest friends.  I feel restored.

Unfortunately it wasn't so great for everyone else, especially Sam.  Both kids have come down with some virus that has led to extremely unpleasant diaper changes and projectile vomiting.  I am so glad I skipped out on this one :)