First off let me say that the term "blenderized food" I find slightly irritating.  It sounds too much like slenderized, or jazzersize or some other 80's fad that involves a leotard.  Aside from that, however, I think it's a great idea.  Basically it's making real, normal, human food and then blending it very finely, adding water, and feeding it through a feeding tube.  Most people who have feeding tubes subsist on bottled formulas whose ingredients look alarmingly similar to a can of Coke (corn maltodextrin is like the third ingredient), so replacing at least some meals with homemade food is not only better for them, but makes the whole process seem a little less medicinal and impersonal.

I have been wanting to take a stab at the blenderized diet for some time but one thing or another always took precedence over it. Finally I made my first batch this week.  It has to be the blandest recipe in the universe:

1 oz carrot
1/2 oz chicken breast
1/2 oz cooked pasta
1/2 tsp olive oil

Steam and blend ad infinitum.  Add water to nectar consistency.

I still have some confusion over the quantities.  I'm used to everything with Lula's food being down to the milliliter but this is a bit more vague.  Then again I have no idea how many milliliters of food Roan eats every day, which makes me realize how much I actually rely on Roan to tell me what he needs.

I gave Lula her first blended meal today and she was absolutely fine. For the time being she will get one feed a day of the blended food and we will gradually increase the frequency over time. I have already bought a blended food cookbook which I am eager to test out.